In-House Design & Development

As complete as the agrē Solution is, we know it won't have a perfect match to every business process for every retailer.

Whether you need agrē to do something a little differently than it already does, or you need it to do something it doesn't currently do, Tronia welcomes the opportunity to customize agrē to better fit your business practices.

After implementing business solutions for hundreds of companies, we know that almost every retailer needs agrē to function just a little bit differently. It may be something as simple as matching agrē's report output to the preprinted forms (like invoices and statements) you already provide to your customers, or it may be as complex as a new workflow process or module.

When you need changes to agrē, there are two paths you can follow: feature request or customization. No matter which path you choose, all the design and development work will be done in our St. Albert office by our full-time employees.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are agrē enhancements suggested by our retailers and are developed at no cost to you. They can be requested at any time via email or through discussion with your CSC, and are then forwarded to the design team for review. Depending on the nature and the complexity of the request, your feature may be implemented as soon as the next scheduled release or it may wait for more retailers to request the same functionality.


Customization is the path to follow when you need something new ASAP. After analyzing your needs with your CSC, she discusses it with the design team and provides you with a quote for the work that needs to be done. Upon receiving your authorization to proceed, we begin the design and development of your request. Unless the scope of the project is large, your customization request will likely be implemented with the next scheduled release.


The Design & Development Team

Ron Laird


photo of Ron LairdAs the original developer, Ron has had the road map to agrē's future planned since the beginning. He meets regularly with the team to discuss how newly requested functionality best fits into the complete agrē Solution.



Simon Peters

IT Manager

photo of Simon PetersFor Simon, the devil's always in the details. He specializes in gathering the intelligence, analyzing the details, and looking for patterns that tell a story. Simon is always looking for the simplest solution to magically solve world-scale problems.



Anita Marghella

Business Development Coordinator

photo of Anita Marghella After completing her Business Analyst Citation at the University of Alberta in 2011, Anita took on the role of Tronia’s Business Development Coordinator. Anita’s primary focus is acting as the liaison between our customers and our development team in a BA capacity. Her years of experience, industry knowledge, formal accounting/business background, as well as extensive understanding of Tronia’s legacy system (the Edge), greatly enhances her abilities to directly assist in the continued development of agrē.

Sebastian Lampka

Senior Software Engineer

photo of Sebastian LampkaA graduate of the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany with a M.Sc., Sebastian is an integral part of the design team. He discusses requests with the support team, coordinates solutions that meet business requirements in the most efficient manner, and then writes the code that makes it happen.


Joe Williams

Systems Analyst

photo of Joe Williams Joe is the proud owner of a Computer Engineering Technology diploma from NAIT in Edmonton. He’s a jack-of-all-trades responsible for everything from deploying new agrē releases to coding up new features to importing all different types of legacy data into agrē.


Andrew Atkin

Systems Analyst

photo of Andrew Atkins Deciding his career as a 3D Animator was not enough of a challenge, Andrew headed back to school and graduated from Application Development in NAIT's Digital Media and I.T. program. His experience developing web applications and mobile solutions for Android OS gives him a leg up on bringing new agrē features to life.


Tracy Irvine

Systems Analyst

photo of Tracy Irvine Tracy graduated with a Computer Systems Technology Diploma from NAIT in Edmonton. Her experience developing and supporting applications in various industries has given her a well-rounded perspective that has allowed her to jump right into agrē. She has an energetic interest in comprehensive, useable documentation and loves being challenged with solving a problem.

Debbie Ewing

QA & Technical Writer

photo of Debbie Ewing Debbie was born into the industry - her grandparents founded Riverdale Greenhouses in Edmonton and she worked seasonally until graduating from the University of Alberta with a B.Comm. in Finance. She spent 20 years as a systems analyst for a multi-national technology consulting company before joining Tronia in 2008. Debbie provides 2nd tier support and is responsible for Q&A and all documentation.


Our company has been on the Tronia system now for several years and the Tronia staff have always assisted us in making the program fit our needs.
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