Meet the Tronia Team

photo of The Boss, Ron Laird

Ron Laird


Ron’s family background is in ag-retail and his educational background is in Computer Systems. Put the two together and Ron has taken Tronia from a one-man company with a blending calculator to developer of the #1 software suite for independent ag-retailers.

photo of Simon Peters

Simon Peters

IT Manager

Simon’s the guy that worked many strange hours over the past several years in order to get legacy data converted to agrē. Next up: focusing on managing development resources and designing new agrē features.

photo of Tanya Sharp

Tanya Sharp

Office Manager

Tanya is one of the newest additions to our Tronia family. With entrepreneurial experience and a background in marketing and accounting, she contributes in many areas. Having recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) from NAIT, Tanya is starting her CPA designation in 2019.

photo of Anita Marghella

Anita Marghella

Business Development Coordinator

Anita’s primary focus is to make agrē even better than it already is and to get as many people possible using it! She acts as the liaison between new & current customers and our development team to make everyone’s software dreams come true.

photo of Donna Laird

Donna Laird

Marketing Director

Donna loves to network, so she doesn't consider being our Marketing Director a 'real' job - to her, it's more fun than work. She's the creative one who comes up with our award-winning booth designs at CAAR and gives away neat gadgets & gizmos.

photo of Dee Klassen

Dee Klassen

Client Operations Manager

After more than 8 years of training travel, Dee is now familiar with almost every small town on the Prairies. As our former Office Admin and Client Service Consultant, she has the unique advantage of learning agrē from a customer's point of view. Her extensive business analysis and customer service background will ensure you have nothing short of the best support.

photo of Pam Rogers

Pam Rogers

Client Service Consultant

Pam offers our customers excellent service and support. When not assisting customers in the office, she’s traveling the country providing our retailers with customized agrē training. She might even sing you the odd song on her portable karaoke machine.

photo of Devin Griffiths

Devin Griffiths

Client Service Consultant

Devin provides our customers with exceptional support & agrē training. She brings with her an Accounting Diploma and over 10 years’ experience in customer service. Devin has a positive attitude, bubbly personality and loves getting to know our customers and how agrē can meet their business needs.

Cali Macknak

Client Service Consultant

Cali brings over 20 years business experience in customer service. Her positive attitude and motto of “if I don’t know I'll find out!“ has made her a great addition to our support team.

Jennifer Khan

Client Service Consultant

Jennifer is excited to join the Ag-Retail Industry. She brings a BSc. in Agriculture and over 10 years of Agricultural and Customer Service experience. With her warm personality and dedication to providing excellent customer service, Jennifer is a welcome addition to our support team.

Steve Rosadiuk

Systems Administrator

Steve is the most important person in the office: he keeps the servers up and running on time. Steve maintains our network in top-notch condition.

photo of Sebastian Lampka

Ken Munroe

IT Systems

Ken joined the team in 2018 and and quickly became our go-to guy for Hosted Login support. With manufacturing and pharmaceutical experience, Ken adds a well-rounded skillset.

photo of Sebastian Lampka

Sebastian Lampka

Senior Software Engineer

Lead developer Sebastian is a code-writing fiend. His greatest hits list includes Agronomy, Fixed Asset Management, and CRM.

photo of Joe Williams

Joe Williams

Systems Analyst

Joe has been providing value to our customers since 2006 by developing Grower Central, push-button blending, agrēMobile, and other custom projects. Joe also tackles those tricky technical issues, like importing data from other systems into agrē.

Andrew Atkin

Systems Analyst

Former video/graphics designer Andrew has brought you spell checking, shape files, EFT, the field scout Image Gallery, eSignature, & POS Invoices. We all love his Report Criteria Favourites.

Tracy Irvine

Systems Analyst

The newest addition to our development team, Tracy worked her magic on Shelf Labels and Pending Soil Test Submissions, and she makes all your reports run faster.

photo of Debbie Ewing

Debbie Ewing

QA & Technical Writer

Debbie actually does a bit of everything: testing, teaching, technical writing, QA, and support. She’s very efficient and you’ll catch a glimpse of her quirky sense of humor when you read our documentation.