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Helping you decide which agrē Solution is right for your business is where our dedicated Sales Team comes in.


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Anita Marghella Donna Laird

Anita Marghella is our Business Development Coordinator. Her job to is to connect with new & existing clients and determine what solutions, features, and enhancements can take your business to the next level. Contact Anita to arrange a live interactive demonstration, to receive a quote, or to just chat about your business and what Tronia’s software and services can do for you. When you have unique needs, Anita is ready to put on her Business Analyst hat and venture down the design path to create a solution to solve your specific requirements. With over a decade of experience at Tronia, you can be sure that she knows the industry,  people, and our solutions.


Donna Laird has been a part of Tronia Systems since Day 1! As our Marketing Director, Donna's in-charge of branding, advertising, and Tronia’s general marketing strategy. She’s a huge creative source at Tronia and anytime you get a neat gadget or gizmo from us you can be certain she designed it. Teamed up with Anita Marghella they make a dynamic sales force that will be sure to grab your attention!

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