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agrē Lite is designed for businesses that want the same powerful business management, inventory tracking, and accounting tools as agrē, but don't require the ag-retail components (like integrated fertilizer blending).

With flexible deployment options (hosted or on-premise) and integrated value-add capabilities, agrē Lite can easily be tailored to fit the requirements of your unique business challenges.

agrē Lite Capabilities

Comprehensive and easy-to-use, agrē Lite includes the following features.

  • agrē Lite Overview

    Including Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Customer Relationship Management; agrē Lite is a powerful financial management solution for your business.

    • supports multiple locations, regions and divisions
    • full retail locations and warehouses/mobile warehouses
    • scalable solution: add software modules or new locations,
    regions, and divisions as you grow
    • unlimited number of users
    • comprehensive online help
    • personalized role-based security
    • customizable report layouts for work orders, loadout tickets/delivery slips,
    invoices and statements
    • complete audit trails and transaction history
    • user-maintainable configuration items

  • Accounts Receivable

    agrē Lite’s full-featured AR module seamlessly handles orders, loadouts/bill of ladings, invoicing and statements.also includes the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module.

    • enhanced pricing capabilities (e.g. group discounts & time sensitive pricing)
    • quotes and work orders
    • bill & hold (delayed delivery)
    • unlimited payment types
    • enhanced cash out reporting
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • credit limits & credit management
    • permit information
    • release numbers
    • low margin tracking

  • Inventory Management

    Managing inventory is a critical part of any business. agrē Lite gives you the tools you need to ensure you stay on top of your inventory to maximize the efficiency of your business.

    • balanced sub-ledger (for easier Inventory Reconciliation)
    • location-based costing and pricing
    • price history
    • optional designated Prepaid Price Level
    • inventory position reporting
    • supply management with automatic low-inventory messaging
    • Lot Number tracking
    • taxes management process
    • product program functionality
    • supplier mapping capability
    • editable product codes
    • associated products
    • expanded dangerous goods information & reporting

  • Accounts Payable

    Keeping a tight rein on costs is habit of any successful business. Track your costs from ordering through payments with agrē Lite, and optionally add operational expenses (such as shipping) directly to the cost of the product. AP contains complete reporting of purchase orders, suggested payments, and supplier purchases.

    • purchase order approval process
    • release numbers) with full reporting
    • supplier contract management
    • supplier prebuys
    • unlimited payment types
    • flexible tax capabilities
    • separation of inventory costs from operational expenditures
    • ability to set up post-dated payments
    • cheque batch approval process
    • EFT batch payments
    • outstanding cheque report as per bank accounts

  • General Ledger and Financials

    The ability to effectively plan for your business is a key component of your success. agrē Lite gives you flexible options for tracking revenues and expenses based on projects and for setting up and tracking budgets within your organization. With a better understanding of your actual revenues and costs, you can make better informed decisions to grow your business.

    • bank deposits
    • bank & credit card account reconciliation
    • multi-currency
    • fixed asset management and depreciation calculation
    • recurring & reversing journal entries
    • subledger balancing
    • diverse financial reporting with comparative analysis
    • location-based income statements
    • ability to close and reopen periods & years
    • project accounting functionality
    • budgeting & forecasting

  • Reports and Exports

    agrē Lite gives you powerful reporting and analysis tools to better use your data to manage your business. The ability to generate detailed Sales Reports at the push of a button makes it easier for you to provide sales transactional data to your partners for their sales programs.

    • ability to send all reports to PDF, raw text, or email
    • data exports to text/CSV or Microsoft® Excel

  • Cardlock and Assigned Sales (optional modules)

    agrē Lite is integrated with Imperial Oil's 'Key to the Highway'/T-Chek and Assigned Sales processes.

    • import fuel transactions
    • generate customer fuel invoices
    • consignment of oil & lubes

Tronia Systems has been providing advanced technology solutions to hundreds of businesses across North America since 1986. Built on the latest technologies, the agrē Solution is the most powerful, easy to use suite of software and services to manage your business. Capitalizing on security by Citrix coupled with our Hosted service, you will be able to safely access your critical business information from anywhere that you have Internet access on almost any device that runs a browser.