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The hosted agrē iBlend Solution is much more than just a blend calculator; it’s a comprehensive, flexible, easy to use, fertilizer blending software system; and it can be an inventory management system too.

iBlend and iBlend+Inventory are subsets of the complete agrē Solution, so should you choose to upgrade in the future all the work you do carries over seamlessly to the full version.

Features of the agrē iBlend Solution

  • Calculate Dry or Liquid Blends
  • Use Scaled or Volumetric Blenders
  • Multiple Blend Calculations and Types
  • Detailed Customer Blend History
  • Blend Quotation System
  • Split nutrient sources
  • Unlimited Micro-nutrients
  • Include other products or services in blends (chemicals, seed, spreading charges, etc.)
  • Compatible with Integrated Blend Control Module systems (Layco, Kahler, LV, Rancan, Stockdales)
  • Save, print, pdf or email Price Sheets and Batch Sheets
  • Comprehensive online user guide
  • Personalized training and on-going support by telephone or email
  • Integrates with the most powerful management system in the ag-retail business: the agrē Solution

Additional Features of iBlend+Inventory

All the great features of the iBlend solution above plus:
  • Manage Products (including estimated costs; product types, units, characteristics, manufacturers, nutrient makeup, densities, etc.)
  • Inventory Receipts
  • Manual Counts & Inventory Adjustment tools
  • Bin Management
  • Lot Number Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders

Since 1986, Tronia Systems been providing advanced technology solutions to hundreds of ag-retail businesses across North America. Built using the latest technologies, the agrē Solution is the most powerful, easy to use suite of software and services to manage your business. Capitalizing on security by Citrix coupled with our Hosted service, you will be able to safely access your critical business information from anywhere that you have Internet access on almost any device that runs a browser.