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eSignature is an optional module that allows an electronic copy of a report to be digitally signed and saved in agrē's Document Manager .


eSignature is a premium module built on Namirial's advanced electronic signature solution that allows a customer (or a trucker, or anybody) to sign an electronic copy of an agrē report with an external signature pad, a mouse, or even a finger. eSignature works with Citrix providing additional security for signed documents.

Instead of printing a report, signing it, photocopying it, filing it, and then trying to find it when you need it; you’ll preview it, add an eSignature or two, and save it. It will always be available to you in agrē, and optionally available to your customers in Grower Central.

agrē eSignature is compatible with Windows (laptops, desktops, tablets, hybrids), Android (Chromebooks, tablets, phones) and iOS (MacBooks, iPads, iPhones).

Advantages of eSignature

  • your company decides which reports can be signed (including work orders, loadout tickets, invoices, location transfers)
  • signed documents are stored within agrē behind Citrix security
  • each user can select their own default signing device
  • signatures can be drawn with a signature pad, mouse, stylus, or finger
  • a document may be signed multiple times (two different signatures on the same page)
  • if a document is edited, it can be signed again
  • signed documents cannot be deleted as long as the source document exists
  • signed documents can be opened with any PDF reader (agrē uses Adobe Acrobat)
  • they can be emailed or printed from within agrē
  • and can be shared automatically with customers through Grower Central
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Tronia has tested eSignature with
these optional Wacom signing pads

screenshot of PDF factsheet Wacom DTU-1141B
screenshot of PDF factsheet Wacom STU-540
screenshot of PDF factsheet Wacom STU-430