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Grower Central is an optional agrē module that provides a secure portal for your customers to login to your agrē database and view their financial data and agronomy activity online, any time, from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Grower Central

Tronia designs your Grower Central site to look like your company website: we match your colours and use your logo so the pages look like an extension of your own site.

You setup and manage the Grower Central usernames and passwords in agrē, and provide your customers with a link to the Grower Central login page from your company's website. You can also configure which documents and reports your customers are allowed to see, and compose a common message that will display to all Grower Central users when they login.

Your customers login to Grower Central to view past transactions, check their balances (both chargeable and prepay), run reports, and update their username or change their password.

What your customers can see in Grower Central

  • optional common message after login
  • current chargeable balance
  • current prepaid balance
  • work orders
  • loadout tickets
  • invoices
  • payment receipts
  • statements
  • prepayment report
  • account activity report
  • Agronomy (crop plans, lab tests, field scouts, custom apps & photos)
  • blend history
  • documents attached manually to the customer account
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Grower Central is an awesome tool for our customers to access their account information 24/7. It’s easy to use and a real time-saver!
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